Career Overview

MARS is a top-notch IT services company with over 10 years experience and is one of the fastest growing companies in INDIA. MARS offers a full range of IT services and industry specific solutions to help clients take advantage of opportunities. Our culture and work environment motivates every MARSian to go beyond their defined roles and excel in their individual capacities. We provide MARSian with the opportunities to exercise their responsibility, integrity and creativity while developing themselves, their careers, and our business. We have been able to deliver leading-edge solutions consistently to our clients by bringing together highly talented people in a creative and collaborative environment.

Delivering unique value to our customers, driving growth and managing our business efficiently have been the result of our extraordinary teamwork. We are committed to helping all of our employees develop their skills through extensive training support as well as ensuring that we engage them in a two-way dialogue about their career development and the employment opportunities.The technical excellence of our services can only be delivered by the most highly qualified and dedicated team of people on who we rely to keep our customers happy and to help grow our business. We have nurtured new technological strengths and enhanced domain expertise. All these achievements have boosted our position to look forward to bigger and more challenging roles in the journey ahead.

MARS is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. We promote and support a diverse workforce at all levels in the company. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race ,religion,color,sex,age,national origin or disability. All applicants will be evaluated solely on the basis of their ability , competence , and performance of the essential functions of their positions. We welcome employees of all backgrounds and passions, and place a high value on the unique perspectives that make up MARS. Together we believe in working hard, having fun, and celebrating our achievements. We support you to grow and make you better at what you are; as well as help you ‘know’ yourself as a professional.

We would like to hear from talented individuals who would like to work at MARS. We will keep your CV on record for 6 months and contact you if a relevant position becomes available.

Working @ MARS

Freedom to work across Domains:
At MARS, we have established an environment that focuses on individual talent and interests. As a proven practice, we promote cross-domain experience that provides you with opportunities to function across different industry verticals, service practices, and functional domains as well as varied technology platforms. While all these factors help hone your skills across platforms, they also offer customers a talent pool with expertise that exceeds their industry benchmarks; at the same time, they continuously present you with the opportunity to explore the domain where you believe you would fit the best.

People from diverse backgrounds and geographies have come together in pursuit of a common vision. At MARS our culture supports not only the work that we do, but also our people. At MARS, we welcome, value, and respect every employee. And we listen. Each of us is responsible for upholding and fostering a culture that is inclusive, ethical, and supports our corporate vision and goals. We promote a work environment in which we learn from one another. And we take full advantage of our differences to build and deliver better solutions, products, and services to our customers.

Open door policy:
Our corporate culture is open and inclusive; irrespective of your experience, you will immediately be welcomed into the team, and would always have a significant role to play.

On-the-job learning:
Intense training and development programs facilitate on-the-job learning.

Mentor programs:
Our mentor programs foster supportive relationships that help develop skills, behavior, and insights to enable you to attain your goals.

Awards & Rewards:
Recognition programmes aren’t mere processes but a powerful tool to reinforce key outcomes our associates create for our businesses. As an organization we strongly believe that when we recognize people, we reinforce their actions and behaviors. Rewards & Recognitions at MARS have always been key engagements with a gargantuan reach.