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Located in prime areas in the cities of Hyderabad and Bangalore. Our offices occupies a convenient position with quick access to the Airport, Govt. offices, Hitec City etc. Spread across two locations in Hyderabad our office space is capable to host 300 + employees. Besides space reserved for offices, employees have access to recreational areas, underground parking lot and medical facilities, all completely secured and supported by state-of-the-art security and infrastructure.

  • Badge access control for all rooms
  • Fire and Smoke detectors throughout the building
  • 24hrs guarded location
  • Adequate Fire extinguishing system
  • Optimal blend of PSTN, ISDN /BRI (public telephony network) and LAN telephony
  • Primary Internet Service provider - Among India's Leading ISP's with 99.96% uptime
  • Back-up carriers ISDN with automatic switch over
  • Dual Link Facility of Primary Link being RF and Secondary being ISDN for auto fall situation. ( to be upgraded from ISDN to Leased Circuit Shortly)
  • State of Art Firewalls, routers, Stacked switches with infrastructure-wide redundancy
  • 200KVA diesel generator, providing emergency power to the building for 7 days continuously
  • 80KVA UPS
  • Fully automated switch over
  • Dedicated UPS for Servers and critical equipments
  • Scalable Data center with racks from top vendors, Servers, Firewall Redundant AC
  • Cat6 Structured cabling and Patch panels from to house close to 400 ports.Gigabit Backbone from the Edge Switches to the Aggregation Switch which Links to the Core using the MM Fiber Cable for both Data and Voice.
  • The Core Switch is a 24 port Full Layer-3 Switch which is backed by the Redundancy with the feature of XRN (eXtended Resilient Network) which does the Dynamic Link Aggregation (DLA) Dynamic Management (DM) and Dynamic Routing.
  • The Internal Router Forwards the Traffic to either the Firewall or the VPN Router based on the destination. If it's a internet traffic it goes to Firewall and Gateway Router and if its an intranet traffic its passed on to VPN Router which does the encryption before passing on to the destination thru site to site VPN transparent to the user.
  • Provided with the 4 ports well defined with color coding for Work Environment, Desk phone, development and a Spare. The same policy has been adopted throughout at every of the workstation.
  • Every User has 4 UPS power point at their disposal.
  • A dedicated Lab has been designed such that at no point of time the Local Lab traffic is going to affect the Core Network traffic. Groups of users have been allocated a network Segment to overcome the shortage of IPs and every user is linked thru his / her Edge Switch to the Modular Chassis based Gigabit Multilayer Switch.
  • Branded top class Servers with Dual Processor, Redundant Memory and RAID for DATA Security with Dual SMPS.
  • Technology ready - branded Desktops with good hardware configuration. Maintaining Strict SLA's for Service and Support.
  • State of the art Tape drive connected with SCSI 320.