Embedded Software Development

Notice how your fears of upgrading to new OS or worries about porting to a new hardware get resolved when you seek our expert opinion from the embedded software development team.

We specialize in adapting your existing products to talk to new software Os upgrades thus helping you stay ahead of your competitors in relishing those new features the OS has to offer. This gives a tremendous leverage in time to market and ease of development with feature rich OS enhancements. Come aboard, give a try !

Thorough understanding of hardware interfaces coupled with optimized board support package development separates the MARS Embedded Systems group from others.

Specializations in developing board support packages for RTOS such as VxWorks in addition to the conventional Unix platforms give the embedded systems group the leverage of working on time critical, real time systems. The team has successfully managed Major OS upgrades on the existing hardware platforms for multiple hardwares and multiple operating systems.

Continuously experimenting at kernel level and device driver programming gives the team an impetus to surpass its own performance benchmarks.

Embedded System Specialities:

  • Board Support Packages
  • Operating Systems / Kernel Development
  • Firmware / Device Drivers
  • Protocol Stacks

Embedded OS / RTOS:
  • Embedded Linux (uClinux, rtLinux, etc)
  • VxWorks

Programming Languages:
  • C / C++
  • Assembly Langugages
  • Java, Perl, HTML
  • Structured analysis and Design
  • Object -Oriented Analysis and Design
Experience our Embedded Technology Development and see the difference of our expertise level.