Continuing Engineering

We at MARS understand the importance of getting to market fast with a high quality product. This is why our support team is organized to respond quickly and accurately. We strive to provide a swift and comprehensive respond with a support team that is available both online and via telephone, to help our customers bring their product to the market fast and hassle free.

Services offered

MARS offers its customers the following Services:
  • Maintenance Releases. From time to time, MARS makes Maintenance Releases generally available for the benefit and use of its customers. A Maintenance Release is a revision of the Software that contains bug fixes and minor enhancements.
  • Upgrades. From time to time, MARS makes Upgrades generally available for the benefit and use of its customers. An Upgrade is a version of the Software that contains bug fixes, and major enhancements or improvements.
  • Customized Fixes. MARS will use commercially reasonable efforts to correct High Severity and/or Medium Severity Errors by providing the customer with Customized Fixes.
  • Stand-Alone Customized Fix. Every Customer may request for a single Customized Fix to correct a specific Error (Stand- Alone Customized Fix). MARS shall approve each such request, on a case-by-case basis.

Technical Support

MARS offers its customers Technical Support Services during MARS Business Hours, through online and telephone system. This Online Support Center helps MARS Support Team track your queries and attend to your requests faster. You may also contact the MARS Support Team via e-mail and telephone.

Technical Support Services may include answering technical questions regarding the Software; providing advice regarding the use, operation and development of the Software; and when applicable, providing workarounds, solutions and/or work plans for resolution of Errors reported by a customer.

Field Support

Many times our MARS Field support team will work with our customers to implement new versions, changes to their existing installations or other requests. MARS has created a "handoff" process between consulting and customer support where all the details relevant to your MARS implementation are transferred, saving you time and trouble when you call.

Defect Tracking

All the reported customer requests are stored in MARS repository. This repository will be used to track all the customer defects as well as to find solutions to common problems, plus tips and work arounds. This repository is available 24x7 and is constantly updated in order to get the latest information to all MARS engineers.


MARS offers its customers a basic training session on "how to" use the products. The training session will take place at the customer's site or other locations as decided by the MARS. Customers need to place a request in order to avail this service.

MARS has experience in creating Product and Cycle-Time Excellence, striking a healthy combination of onsite, offsite and offshore delivery capabilities. Our Core Product Development services encompass the entire product lifecycle including:

Requirements Scoping

  • Feature functionality planning & architecture design
  • Prototyping and detailed engineering design
  • Code Development
  • QA & Testing
  • Customer maintenance
  • Technical Support
  • Field Support
  • Training
MARS Networks provide a wide range of offshore programming services to IT and telecom equipment vendors. With multiple years of experience in offshore programming in the most rapidly developing sectors of the IT market, our software development services support the product all through its lifecycle, from design and development to sustenance and testing.

MARS is an India-based R&D company, with key focus on research and development of software products in the most advanced areas of IT and telecom industry. Our intellectual capital and know-how technologies, creates new value-added products and provides software development services that revolutionize the way of doing business and efficiently meet clients' needs.

Area Skill Sets
Protocols SIP, H.323, MGCP, ISDN, RTP, RTCP, IP Sec, TAPI, SNMP & Networking Protocols
Platforms Microsoft Windows NT/Win2k, Wind River VxWorks, Unix, Linux
Programming & Scripting Languages C/C++, VC++, VB, Java, JSP, Perl, Expect, TCL/TK, XML, Shell Scripting
Databases Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Embedded Database
Testing Tools Call Generators, Message Generator and Traffic Simulators, Network Analyzers, Silk, Telephone Line Simulators, Phone simulators
Other Tools IBM Rational Rose RT, IBM Rational Clear quest, Bugzilla, IBM Rational Purify, Tornado IDE, IBM Rational Clear case, Visual Source Safe, CVS, GDB, MS Project