Dedicated Development Center

MARS can provide a dedicated product development center for its Clients that results in delivering cost effective delivery options even while aiding clients to have full control over development and testing teams. Under this model, MARS reserves infrastructure and resources exclusively for clients' use during the engagement period, whereby the client will have total access, control and transparency over the activities of the delivery teams.

MARS Dedicated Delivery Center operates with a pre-defined and mutually agreed Service Level Agreement (SLAs) in place. These SLAs are periodically reviewed and revised, if needed, to ensure adequate compliance with changing business requirements. For sample SLAs, please email contact us.

Team @ MARS strictly adhere to clients' practices and methodologies and work closely with them using specified technologies / practices for software development. Regular status and other reports covering metrics data are provided to the client for monitoring and decision-making. Apart from cutting down operational costs, this model significantly enhances cost savings, enables smooth project execution and entails business risk elimination. It also results in seamless extension of the client's existing development & testing facility.