Engagement Models

MARS’s product development methodology is based on a platform of robust Global Delivery Model that leverages its various offshore development centers ably complemented by strong professional management. We understand that different clients have different needs, hence we offer them the flexibility to choose from multiple engagement models depending on their unique requirements. Our Delivery Model is backed by global delivery capabilities, which works by breaking down a project into various phases and selecting the physical location for the execution of each phase in such a manner that the time-to-market is reduced sustaining the quality at minimum costs.

By using a “right“ mix of these delivery models, we create a “Unique Value Model” that is efficient in delivering the solution in the most effective manner, both in terms of quality and costs, thereby making us the outsourcing partner of choice. And especially, our Engagement Models help in keeping all options open and configure a winning strategy for clients.

As a result, the Return on Investment (ROI) for Offshore Product Development is maximised. A clear understanding of the clients' business drivers and demands is critical in identifying an appropriate engagement strategy. Some key decision factors are:

  • The type of offshore work required
  • The size and estimated growth rate of the offshore team
  • Immediate business objectives (e.g. reducing time to market or reducing costs or augmenting skill sets)
  • Long term goals