Key Engagement Features


  • MARS Telecom open to any client-specific certification requirements.
  • MARS Telecom practices internationally accepted PDLC/SDLC methodologies.

Flexible Timings

  • Shift Timings are used to allow for overlap with geography specific work.
  • Follows the Sun model to leverage, as needed. Our support teams pair with Client's US/Bangalore teams to provide 24/7 uninterrupted coverage.

Indemnities, Enforceability & Intellectual Property Rights

  • MoUs enforceable anywhere and MARS Telecom open to any arbitration resolution mechanism.
  • Client's related IPRs, trademarks, copyrights automatically assigned to Client's.
  • All MARS Telecom employees sign additional direct NDA with Client's.
  • When exercising the Option to transfer the team, all hardware, software, processes are also transferred.

Broadband Connectivity

  • Site-to-Site dedicated VPN allows bi-directional access to tools and resources.
  • Client's specific connectivity requirements can be installed.
  • Infrastructure architecture based on team requirements (for example, using Clear case Multi site and other tools for high productivity).
  • Delivery teams.

Audit Rights & Governance

  • All our process maintain full audit trail, so that the client can have access to the related records.
  • Access to all project dashboard provided to Client's.
  • Minimum once-a-week status meetings of the project teams with Client's.
  • Apex team management meeting each quarter.