Rapid Prototyping

Come to us with a product idea and we will provide the building blocks and you can witness the skeleton created with rapid prototyping development.. Once you are satisfied, our team can go the extra mile to create a full blown product, thus giving concrete physical shapes to your vision.

MARS has built a repertoire of skills involved in productizing and is aware of nuances involved in new product initiatives. We ensure that you remain focused on your current commitments, while we drill on blueprints for the product. Dual benefits of accomplishing the product prototype without de-railing your present resources from their assigned tasks while meeting the existing deadlines.

Our team initially runs through a brain-storming session identifying the necessary software ranging from UI components to back end databases. It then prepares a feasibility plan with details on the different stages of prototyping and necessary components in each stage. Off the Shelf softwares or any existing 3rd party softwares are evaluated for integration to ease the development effort and thus reduce development cost. All these investigations are thoroughly documented and presented to you. Once approved, the plan goes into rolling and is fed into the development team. The development team carries forward the plan creating base prototypes according to the schedules. These prototypes are architected to be incremental in nature thus evolving into a final product in the later phases.

Client Requirement Analysis

In the initial stage of the process, the client requirement analysis at MARS is aimed to define the required functionality, environment and interface of the future product as well as to create its detailed functional specifications. Our experts quickly grasp and analyze the client's expectations and vision in the product development. Furthermore, MARS always thrive to go 'above and beyond' to meet the client's most challenging needs.

Project Planning

Software development can at times be inherently complex and risky. It always requires careful planning which guarantees the project completion without deviation from the targeted goal and increases its visibility to the client and the management. For MARS planning means an opportunity to re-assess all risks, establish priorities, select the best technical solutions, finalize schedules & resources and draw deadlines.

Project Planning

MARS executes project planning in compliance with the client's time and budget requirements. Our team of software engineers is fully dedicated to the deadlines to guarantee the timely delivery of services and solutions. Budget requirements are another important priority that MARS is committed to, and outsourcing with us will save the client a significant portion of project cost. Our clients are provided with an always-ready access to the project status.

Software Product Development

Today is the time of global competition and product life-cycle acceleration, when the need to get new products to market faster is more compelling than ever. What was once considered innovative and ground-breaking is now out-of-date and ineffective. At MARS, the logically planned software development process is future oriented.

And our expert teams combine research and development activities with cutting edge technologies to create brand new products and product categories. We also know-how to realise client's ideas successfully with sizable market-gains within less time, less risk and less cost. The client's approved functional specifications and project plan serve as the cornerstone for creation of client-tailored products and solutions.

Our highly skilled and talented workforce as well as the world-class infrastructure,state-of-the-art tools and technologies make MARS, the company of first choice for both custom software application development and product re-engineering and customization services.

Area Skill Sets
Frameworks ACE, Drupal, Jhoomla, .NET
Domains Data Networking, Telecom, Application Development, eGov
Design Paradigms OOPS Concepts, Object Oriented Design Paradigms, Modular Paradigms
Programming & Scripting Languages C/C++, VC++, VB, Java, JSP, Perl, Expect, TCL/TK, XML, Shell Scripting
Other Tools IBM Rational Rose RT, IBM Rational Clear quest, Bugzilla, IBM Rational Purify, Tornado IDE, IBM Rational Clear case, Visual Source Safe, CVS, GDB, MS Project