Mars has an experienced team which provides a good knowledgebase in various features that are essential in the development of carrier class equipment products such as Residential Modem and Gateways, Transport and Termination Devices and Wireless Access Points.

Engineering division at Mars is having enormous and diversified expertise in development of all the protocols and features that are involved in the development of an efficient broadband router:

  • IEEE ADSL, ADSL2+ for an Integrated DSL Modem
  • Wired Networking with Ethernet and USB
  • PPPOE / Routed Bridge Protocols
  • ATM PVCs
  • Packed Filtering
  • Port Forwarding, Port Triggering
  • DMZ/Static NAT
  • Embedded Webservers
  • Auto Configuration Servers and web-server development
  • ALGs- PPTP - VPN, FTP, TFTP, IPSec, H323,
  • IMS and SIP support
  • Multicasting Protocols (IGMP, snooping)
  • Remote Configuration and Management Protocols - TR069, TR111, TR098, TR064
    • Autoconfiguration and dynamic service activation
    • Initial and Remote CPE configuration
    • Firmware and version management
    • Status and performance control
    • logfile analysis and dynamic messages
    • diagnostics
    • connectivity and service control
  • IP QoS
  • VLANs
The Enginnering Team in MARS has proficiency in developing various Wi-Fi features including:
  • IEEE 802.11a,b,g protocols
  • Wireless Security protocols - WEP, WPA, WPA2.
  • Wireless Distribution System
  • Wireless Mac Filtering
  • Quality of Service (WMM) and power saving mechanisms